Tiny Tales

“You cheated on me with her, how could you?” screamed the weighing machine to diet plan as chocolate stood silent.

“Brought you a goodbye gift”, she said “A dreamcatcher to shoo away your nightmares” didn’t say the goodbye to him was her worst nightmare.

“Stop it, you are killing me” screamed her waist squeezed in a tiny dress. Vanity smiled in glee “This is exactly what I wanted”.

“You are my forever; I hope to be with you in every lifetime”. Years later, the divorce papers wished they had meant atleast one lifetime.

“He thinks I’m his best friend, I can’t mess it”. “For her, I’m her best friend, I can’t mess it”. Friendship didn’t lose, love didn’t win

He stopped wooing her when she gushed “I’ll always love Daniel; he was my first crush”. Repented it later, when The Karate Kid aired on TV.

Concealer was always her favourite make up. Once, she used it to conceal the love bites. Now, she uses it to conceal her bruises.

We are not Harley & Joker. We are more like Batman & Robin, Frodo & Sam, Harry & Ron. Friendzone in fandom had a different lingo.

He was ecstatic when his sister said she loved his girlfriend. Figured, she meant it literally, only when the closet opened.


Author: That Nerd Girl

The contradicting two faced Gemini. Loves books, bikes, Metallica, chai, binge watching series, tattoos, discotheques, high heels, sweatshirts, cricket, soft toys, superheroes and peacock feathers. Dreams about owing the Beast's library. Cries every-time during Lord of the Rings. Has an opinion on everything.

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