Snow White Must Die

Kohl Rimmed Eyes
Blushed Up Cheeks
Cascading Locks
Shimmer Red Lips
A Perfect Smile
A Glance Too Close
Burnt Charred Eyes
Bruised Cheeks
Scattered Locks
Bleeding Lips
Twisted Smile
Snow White Must Die, She Is No Longer Fair
The Poisoned Apples Burnt Her Core, Her Dwarfs Don’t Care
The Wicked Stepmom Snatched Her Soul
Mirror Mirror on the Wall
When it’s Over Give Me a Call


Author: That Nerd Girl

The contradicting two faced Gemini. Loves books, bikes, Metallica, chai, binge watching series, tattoos, discotheques, high heels, sweatshirts, cricket, soft toys, superheroes and peacock feathers. Dreams about owing the Beast's library. Cries every-time during Lord of the Rings. Has an opinion on everything.

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