Sketchy Affair

My love for sketching has always been like the high school boyfriend. We might be dating different people now but always there for each other. I might be dabbling in different things but it has always been at the back of my mind, like a comforting feeling. Like something I can always turn to when things get messy. Not to get back together but just as a solid shoulder to rest. I love colours, but the charm exuded by the pencil sketches is one of their own.

Few sketches, old ones, very old ones and randomly done.


Author: That Nerd Girl

The contradicting two faced Gemini. Loves books, bikes, Metallica, chai, binge watching series, tattoos, discotheques, high heels, sweatshirts, cricket, soft toys, superheroes and peacock feathers. Dreams about owing the Beast's library. Cries every-time during Lord of the Rings. Has an opinion on everything.

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