The Girl In The Mirror

The girl in the mirror, she looks so like me
Too much to be true
With deep black eyes and kohl rimmed lines
Wispy curls and toasted smile
She gives me a wink as soon as I’m up
Smiles at me as I rush through my day
Blows me a kiss as I walk out the door
Gives me a hug as I walk in again
Laughs with me in hours of mirth
Jumps with me as I dance in the rain
Cries with me as I vent out my pain
Shares my coffee on a sunny morn
Gazes with me at a star filled sky
Tells me dreams are easy if I try
Together on a long path we came, together a path more to care.
Girl in the Mirror you’ve always been there
In ups & downs and hope & despair
You look so like me, so raw so true
Coz you are me and I’m you.


Author: That Nerd Girl

The contradicting two faced Gemini. Loves books, bikes, Metallica, chai, binge watching series, tattoos, discotheques, high heels, sweatshirts, cricket, soft toys, superheroes and peacock feathers. Dreams about owing the Beast's library. Cries every-time during Lord of the Rings. Has an opinion on everything.

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