Dear Me

Dear Me,
Listen to me my love and listen well. Everytime you give me the no, I will remind you the yes, Everytime you argue the why’s; I’ll argue back the why not’s. Everytime you blame the past; I’ll tell you the past was once the present. Everytime you point at them; I’ll question your own self. Everytime you say it’s too late, I’ll repeat “Better late than never”. Coz that’s what I do. I am the devil’s advocate and you are being judged.
Coz every time you give me reasons, all I hear are excuses. Excuses for a lazy mind, excuses for a weak will, excuses for a cowardly heart, excuses for a lack of belief and excuses to slather in your comfort moss than swim the tide.
And I know you, more than you do. I know you will fight, you will strive, you will push and crawl and climb but will do it, if you want it bad. But then, do you not want it my love? There is a lot of mediocre around…is your passion one of them? Is it the one that hides behind closed doors too afraid to see itself. Is it the one that sits on the bylines and claps. Is it the one shying away from its own.
But never you worry, for I am here and everytime you think you have drowned me I’ll shout from the crowd. It is always you my love, it is always you.
Your Inner Voice


Tiny Tales

“You cheated on me with her, how could you?” screamed the weighing machine to diet plan as chocolate stood silent.

“Brought you a goodbye gift”, she said “A dreamcatcher to shoo away your nightmares” didn’t say the goodbye to him was her worst nightmare.

“Stop it, you are killing me” screamed her waist squeezed in a tiny dress. Vanity smiled in glee “This is exactly what I wanted”.

“You are my forever; I hope to be with you in every lifetime”. Years later, the divorce papers wished they had meant atleast one lifetime.

“He thinks I’m his best friend, I can’t mess it”. “For her, I’m her best friend, I can’t mess it”. Friendship didn’t lose, love didn’t win

He stopped wooing her when she gushed “I’ll always love Daniel; he was my first crush”. Repented it later, when The Karate Kid aired on TV.

Concealer was always her favourite make up. Once, she used it to conceal the love bites. Now, she uses it to conceal her bruises.

We are not Harley & Joker. We are more like Batman & Robin, Frodo & Sam, Harry & Ron. Friendzone in fandom had a different lingo.

He was ecstatic when his sister said she loved his girlfriend. Figured, she meant it literally, only when the closet opened. Continue reading “Tiny Tales”

Come Home

I miss the winding roads where I rode, do they miss me? I know not.
They always had people like me. They always loved people like me. We are so similar. Our journey knows no end.
Someday when the desire to comply wanes, I might go back there. Once more feel the wind & rain and in all sense come home.

I Love Her, Yet I See Her Die Everyday

India has been more than a country. She is more human than any of her inhabitants. She is more virtuous than any saint. More womanly than any woman & stronger than any of her counterparts across the globe.
She has identity for herself, an identity which is an amalgamation of childish innocence, serene calmness, spunky sexiness, brazen boldness, head held high confidence, troubled soul sadness, intense passion, gentle love, tender care with a hint of street smartness.
But this unflinching, selfless woman still lives & dies at mercy of vicious wolves pawing her from all sides. They wound her, plunder her and humiliate her.  She lies in slums slathered with layers of sickness & filth. She chokes in clouds of poisonous clouds that burns her. She lies rotting within heaps of garbage piled on her. She lies bleeding in every blast and they pass her by without a second glance. Everyday a new story opens a new injury in her body, her every feature lay twisted & the necrophile feasts on her.
She is ruthlessly provoked, tortured, lynched, raped, slaughtered & left to die every single day.
She still breathes and never sleeps

I had written this a long time ago, originally for Mumbai, but guess it’s appropriate for the entire country as well

Memory Musings

Memories can be funny things. An elaborate set up is not needed to travel to the past. A similar name, a random hummed song, a familiar path, a remembered smell can cause a rush of innumerable feelings. Repressed stories buried in some corner of the heart are awakened with a jolt. A little ache gnaws the insides as heartstrings are pulled, heartbeats are risen, laughs are heard and secrets are whispered. Each asking for a little more time, a little more attention. Everytime, they are played & replayed. The version of how it was & a tiny maybe of how it should have been. They are deliberately put to rest most of times, but ever so gently they are relived with a faint smile or a deep scar.

The Line

A girl sleeps on my bed; a stranger with my face. I knew her once but now not sure.
She says she is me; I know she is not.
She meets me at places she is never meant to be, awake with people she never meant to see
Traces of blood beneath her nails, drawn every time she claws her self
Thriving on destruction, most often her own, calling out my name she says “Don’t hate yourself, you never saw the line you crossed”

Vanity Fare

I just had to write this post because it seriously means so much to me. Now, after reading this you can come back and tell me it is not a practical prospect or you care too much for your dainty skin or you can be a bit more compassionate and make an uncomfortable yet humane choice
We girls swear by a whole lot of cosmetics that keeps us perfect from dawn to dusk. Trust me, I can’t live without my kajal for a day even if you paid me your weight in gold to do so. Likewise, we have friends who swear by their lip glosses, nail polishes, mascaras,shampoos and what not …sorry to burst your bubble folks but I am about to tell you the dark murky side of this ‘Oh So Glamorous’ picks we made.
Take a look at the side of cosmetic industry that dwells in scientific labs and then take a look at the animals that bear the brunt of our pretty faces. Rabbits, squirrels, chimps, cats caged and tested on. Will we be still happy looking at ourselves in the mirror knowing that the mascara that curls our eyelashes was the result of 100s of rabbits going blind? The conditioner that smoothens our hair has burnt the skin & fur off a squirrel. A cat has got its flesh stripped till ribs in order to facilitate the exact acid content of our astringent. But that’s the terrible truth. Our vanity & beauty came with a ghastly cost.
We can turn a blind eye stating the so called “practical” aspects. It is also true that we will not be able to eradicate animal testing; it has etched itself in our daily lives. But, can’t we atleast make an effort? Does practicality really mean losing humanity?
For starters, let us do our research. The internet is flooded with the truth behind animal experiments in cosmetic industry. It showcases graphic images of how our furry friends are treated and also details of companies who follow these barbaric methods. Boycotting the cosmetics made from these organizations will be a good way to start. Now, I don’t intend to get preachy and say avoid make up but try the animal friendly ones.There are companies with compassion, who opt for ways of testing with laboratory generated skin cells and human body simulated conditions. A rabbit logo that looks like this symbolizes animal friendly products. Try using them. The choices maybe limited but worth it. no-animal-testingAs for me, heaven knows the angst with which I dumped my cosmetic paints and settled for bare minimums and I most certainly hope bit by bit if we all try maybe someday in the future we will live in a world that does not believe in sacrificing lives for something as trivial as darker lipstick.